it's all about her love for them

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  • Passionate about dogs, the owner has 3 dogs herself. Just like kids, they all have their own personality and she enjoys observing their interactions between each other and with people.

    As an illustrator, she decided to bring her inspiration to life. Used to traditional techniques, she combines the new technology to create her drawing. She purposely hand draws on a touchscreen tablet. Each mark is intentionally imprecise allowing beauty and character to resonate on each animal she creates.

  • Her motto... Everything has to MATCH.

    For a more complete decor, she matches each comforter with his own cushion. Her motto: everything has to match.

    This is the beginning of a new inspiration. Her thought is that kids will be able to sleep with their best friend allowing them to cuddle each and every night of their childhood.

Polaroids with Dogs Illustration

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