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Dude Balloons

Dude Balloons

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Features & Materials

Made from 100% cotton sateen.

Featuring a silky smooth surface with mat backing

Solid white matte cotton sateen back.

Invisible zipper for finishing touch.

Printed with vibrant reactive inks


Twin Size: 177.8 cm x 228.6 cm | (70 po. X 90 po.)

Care Instructions

Sateen Care

Our products are printed with reactive inks! Reactive inks are permanent but can be sensitive to washing the first few times.

For first wash:

• Wash the duvet and/or pillow(s) with 1 cup of white VINEGAR and 2 tablespoons of SALT in a washing machine FULL of water.

• Do not use a reduced water cycle.

• Transfer me IMMEDIATELY to the dryer.

If you leave your bedding too long in the washer wet, you may see bluish stains on the light area. Do not worry. Wash them again using the above recipe and these should go away.

For subsequent washing, use a phosphate FREE detergent and full water cycle. Wash the duvet separately from other laundry for the first 3 - 4 washes.

Minimal Enviromental Impact

While we create, they print for us.

Reactive printing on-demand is a low waste process. Since every meter (or yard) they print is for a specific customer, they never have excess inventory.

Made in North America by an eco-responsible company, using a minimum of water, energy and raw materials.


Expect your product(s) to be shipped to you 4-6 weeks.

Each piece that we create is unique. Because of the HIGH DEMAND of CREATION we send our artwork to a North American manufacturer who specializes in print reactive on natural fabric.They will print our design with a special reactive digital process that ensures the color is permanently locked into the fibers without affecting the feel of the fabric.

After that process, each piece is sewn by HAND then shipped to you. The exquisiteness of our delivered product will be worth the wait.

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